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Connie Bettinger  Healing Facilitator
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Meet Connie

Connie became passionate about alternative healing methods through her own healing journey. Due to her own profound results, she studied and became certified in several healing modalities, so that she could help others get their life back into balance. Connie is a DoTerra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, and is certified in the Aroma Touch technique. She is a Theta practitioner, Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer with certifications in Arch Angel Healing and Seraphim Blueprint healing. Connie is offering an Eye Pattern Reset sessions. The field of vision of the eye is like a clock. When we experience a trauma or significant event, the place on the "clock" of our range of vision may become disrupted and blocked. For example if a softball was coming in your direction and hit you on the nose, the trauma may cause your eyes to block out all stimuli directly in front of you long after any physical injury has healed. You can look forward, but you do not see accurately. Even if it the ball did not hit you, but you perceived that it might, disruption can occur. This also has ramifications for sleep and memory. Each night during sleep we process the events of the day through eye movements, and move information from short term to long term memory, which affects all sorts of functioning from sound sleep, to memory issues. If those patterns have been disrupted during the day through some trauma, we may not be able to properly process the events of our life causing all sorts of diseases from insomnia, anxiety, and memory loss. During this session Connie uses a series of muscle testing to help reset your eye movement patterns, as well as Color Therapy eye glasses.
Client Sessions
Eye Patterns

Resetting your eye patterns will create a healthier you. . You will enjoy better sleep better health and better short term memory when you have your eye patterns reset. Trauma can result in "stuck" eye patterns. Using a series of techniques and muscle testing that releases the "stuck "eye patterns. 

Sessions can be done in person or online. Sessions by Skype, Zoom, or Messenger

Set up your session and  pay by PayPal , Venmo or Square. Email Connie at
Blended Healing Modality

Connie uses a variety of healing modalities always utilizing what is in your highest and best including but not limited to Theta Healing, Sound Therapy, Crystals, Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, Seraphim Angel Blueprint, Arch Angel Activation, Chakra Therapy for you or your pet.

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone or through skype, messenger, or Zoom. 

Set up your appointment and  pay by PayPal, Venmo or Square. Email Connie at
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Eye Patterns Tools
What People Are Saying:
"Your entire Life can change.. in the blink of an Eye "
Your entire Life can change.. in the blink of an Eye 👀
I am sure many of us have heard this expression before.
However I have never experienced it! Until I met Connie Bettinger.

Her "Eye Movement Therapy" allowed me to clear blockages trapped in my subconscious, I acquired thru early lifetime and childhood.

She taught me that when we experience trauma, our awareness records a memory within our own energetic space.
Our subconscious will react to them, even though through our own mind awareness we may not even notice we do this.
The proof is in the muscle testing she does for each movement while she works with you.

This amazing process is immediate in its activation. What a wonderful healing experience she facilitates for you.

This work allowed me to change the way I see the world, and respond to it.

I can now make eye contact, never knowing it was trapped emotional fear, that kept me from connecting with others I see.

Combined with this amazing modality, she also works with Theta.

Theta allows you to download missing elements in your awareness.

Theta is like remembering what you never knew, you didnt know. Now it's there.
No matter which way you may be guided.

I highly recommend working with Connie.

Her integrity is amazing, and her gifts are out of this world.

She allowed me to change my life, in the blink of an eye.

 Thank you, 💞
I appreciate all that you do! 💫
Rayfield Baisley
"Connie made the session fun and shared her knowledge"
Connie Bettinger came into our lives because of energy work. She does something called Eye Patterns. 

I wanted to learn what she does because I knew it would impact our son and wanted to be able to do it more frequently and witness the results. I'd been begging her for almost a year to teach me how and what she does. Once I learned, I felt stuck however... I found myself not knowing really how to incorporate it in my work with him.    

Happily anticipating and not being quite sure what to expect, I scheduled a session with her for our son.   

Today I watched. I witnessed. I learned and enjoyed.

Connie made the session fun and shared her knowledge and insight of concerns we had regarding Jack's vision and eyesight.

She brought bags of tools filled with different tinted glasses to sets of tuning forks, crystals and sprays. He played with it all and participated. It was an equal exchange of fun to be had.

Just like those who aren't sure what to expect or what results they will see when I work on them... I am happily anticipating an unfoldment of what will be for our son.

Thank you Connie!
Cynthia Sharpe
"My reaction was extremely powerful and obvious"
Connie surprised me with her new technique that she does with the eyes.  

I have been doing spiritual healing for awhile and have never experienced anything like I did with Connie.  

Not only was it a different technique than I was used to, my reaction was extremely powerful and obvious.  

I have always had issues with my left eye - but nothing doctors could help me with.  Turns out I was hiding some powerful laden emotions there.  During the session I started crying and releasing.  

I found it interesting that a few days later I got some salt water in my eye (only that eye) at the beach.  A salt cleansing if you will.  

Later that day I was able to see clearly out of that eye, something I hadn't been able to do in a long time.  

I am eagerly anticipating my next session with Connie.  I can't wait to see what unfolds.  
Kristi Oen
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